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Dr. Carmen April

My PediProducts® In-Office Retail Store

We carry a wide range of foot and ankle health products available for purchase directly in our office. This gives you, our patient, the convenience of one-stop service and saves you a trip to the local pharmacy or specialty store to purchase products such as foot creams, anti-fungal creams, orthotics and specialty shoe insoles. Please call or stop by for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.

Visco-Gel Bunion Guards

Visco-Gel Bunion Guards

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Deep Healing Foot Cream

Visco-Gel Toe Caps

Powerstep Pediatric Orthotics

Powerstep Orthotics

Powerstep Orthotics

Superfeet Orthotics

* My PediProducts® is a Legal and official subsidiary of The Foot And Ankle Healthcare Center, PC